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Oil & Gas Components - Imperiall Technoforge

Oil & Gas Components

oil & gas components

Different Types of Oil & Gas Components Available with Us

For more than a decade, Imperiall Technoforge Pvt Ltd has been providing businesses with the top-quality plastic parts they require. 

We’ve manufactured various parts for the petroleum and gas industries because our long-lasting, reliable plastic components reduce round-the-clock operational costs. We provide a range of flexible plastics, which are flexible and stress-resistant.

They can withstand extreme temperatures, high pressures, heavy loads, and corrosive chemicals that characterize an oil or gas business. 

With the superior properties of specialty plastics, you can increase the reliability of your equipment while reducing risks. As a seasoned oil and gas components manufacturer, our experts ensure that all our products meet ASME, ISO, Norsok, NACE, and API standards.

Oil & Gas Components We Manufacture


Imperiall Technoforge Pvt Ltd, we know the significance of the components that handle fluids in the oilfield’s operation. We can fabricate the components you need if you require a huge number of valves or a particular piece. 

We also reverse engineer an OEM plastic part, assisting with repair faster and reducing the time spent on repairs. Our valve components capabilities include:

  • Seat
  • Stem
  • Gate
  • Bonnet
  • Ball floating on the water
  • Body of the gate valve


Sprockets, Clutches, and Couplings Plates Advanced plastics are great for parts with high wear, like couplings and sprockets. In addition, they decrease friction and provide longer life use, but we also make these parts with the same tight tolerances provided by metal parts. We machine a wide range of precision components, such as:

  • Sprockets, as well as split sprockets
  • Clutch plates
  • Couplings
  • Sheaves
  • Shafts
  • Bushings
  • Sleeves

Jack-Up Systems 

With years of experience in manufacturing and machining intricate machines, Imperiall Technoforge Pvt Ltd can manufacture all the spline and gear parts required for jack-up systems.

We can work with various sizes yet maintain these components’ precise tolerances. For precision machining, count on the experts in Imperiall Technoforge Pvt Ltd.

And More!

As an oil and gas parts manufacturer, we can manufacture all the top-quality oil and gas parts you need, including wear pad seals and rollers. 

These components improve efficiency, extend the lifespan of equipment and reduce maintenance costs and improve compliance. The high-quality seals made possible by specific plastics can also help minimize leaks that affect the surrounding.

Components for Critical Energy Applications

We are the leading producer of a broad range of high-precision fastener springs, tubing, and wire forms. We manufacture standard and custom bow/leaf springs extension springs, torsion springs, clip springs, API bolts, and unique assemblies for oil industries, with standard component of oil and custom manufacturing 

Solid scientific and technological foundations are essential when designing a new part to be used in an oil drilling rig downhole hardware, oilfield drilling steam turbine, gas turbine, or any other type of use. 

Our experienced engineers have more than years of dealing with exploration companies and service companies. Whatever complex your requirements are, the engineers are at our disposal to assist you from the beginning until completion.capabilities for components to meet your specific requirements for your projects.

Why Choose Imperiall Technoforge Pvt Ltd To buy Oil & Gas Components?

If you need a quick stock of parts for replacement, wish to change from metal to plastic, or require tighter tolerances for the plastic components, Imperiall Technoforge Pvt Ltd can help. Contact us now for oil and gas parts, and all your oil and gas components needs. Imperiall Technoforge Pvt Ltd is the best in oil and gas component manufacturing.